Monday, November 2, 2015

A few of the dozens of apps available to contact demons on any mobile device.

I do stay aware of cultural trends that may involve demonic dangers, but it was my 14-year-old daughter who brought to my attention an internet story about kids playing with Ouija Boards and having meltdowns. First, three American kids were hospitalized after an encounter with an Ouija Board. They were visiting in Mexico when, while consulting the Board, they went into trances and started growling. Paramedics had to subdue them with anti-stress medication. A local Catholic priest was contacted, but he refused to do an exorcism.

In another reported incident, a teenager in Peru was rushed to the hospital screaming she had become possessed. In this case, the girl used a mobile phone app to consult the Board. The unidentified girl screamed “666” and “let me go I want my phone.” Witnesses said she spoke in a different voice and lost control over her body. She also had abnormal strength.

Apps? There are a variety of ways via Ouija Board apps that kids can get demons, including an online version of “Charlie, Charlie” the pencil game. The sword of technology swings both ways. More than 6 million people have viewed our YouTube exorcism channel. Conversely. Satan has exploited the opportunity of apps to kill, steal, and destroy. The variety of apps available includes “Ghost Town Spirit Board,” “Witch Board,” OuijaWeen” (Halloween version), “Chinese Ouija Board,” and even a “3D Spirit Ouija Plus,” to name a few. Parents and Christian leaders need to check out this stuff and be ready to give warnings. Just as important, they need to have ready answers along with the help and hope of deliverance to the victims of these demonic apps. The best way to be prepared is to enroll in our International School of Exorcism® and have all the knowledge and tools you need to wage war against the forces of darkness. To enroll right now, CLICK HERE.

An encouraging word:SIN CAME BY ONE MAN
Where did the idea of sin come from? Is it a concept made-up by the church to keep people in line, as some critics of Christianity has argued? Is it a convenient way to claim forgiveness for past wrongs so that the worst of deeds can be excused? The Bible is clear that sin isn’t a man made theological construct. “Sin entered into the world by one man, and death through sin,” Romans 12:1 tells us. That man was Adam. That same chapter tells us that it was one man, Christ Jesus, who paid the spiritual price for our sins. Sin is not an outdated idea. It is an eternally damning force, if not confronted by God’s grace. What have you done with your sins?

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