Monday, December 14, 2015



There are many tattoos which obviously seem to be demonic. Like the one on a man’s arm, left above. But what about the one on the right? Would you have picked that one as being satanic? Of course, the hideous, snarling devil face is an apparent pick. But what’s so devilish about the one on the right, which is extremely popular in tattoo parlors?
It is one of the most sacred symbols of the idolatrous religion of Hinduism. It’s a symbol often adorning yoga rooms. Actually it is more than a symbol, it is believed to embody the prime deities of Hinduism, such a Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva (the god of destruction). It represents the soul, ultimate truth (not Christ!), and the supreme spirit of the universe (read that demon). It is an incantation used in Hindu prayers and guides many occult mediations. It is OM or AUM, the word/sound uttered as a devotional evocation to connect with the primordial vibration/energy of the universe. In other words, in Christianese, it is a conjuration of any and all demons of the pagan, Hindu cosmos – all 330 million gods claimed by the faith. If just one of them responds, the results can be devastating.

And yet many Christians have been told by so-called Christian yoga instructors that it’s OK to utter OM, that it is just a vibratory sound that will help them to still the mind and relax. (Read my blog of November 30, 2015, “Yoga Takes Over.” To read CLICK HERE.) It’s bad enough to say it, but to display it on an arm, one’s chest or back, or an indelicate spot, is an open door to demons.  (Read about the dangers of tattoos in my book CURSE BREAKING. To order CLICK HERE.) If you are a fan of tattoos you might want to check further about the meaning of less obvious inking before you go under the needle. Your tattoo could be a connection to a generational curse that has been looking for an open door to attack you.


“Abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul.” That warning of 1 Peter 2:11 is definitely needed in our age of carnal appetites being satiated in countless ways. Peter likens this to a war, a battle for control of the human conscience. Lust deadens moral senses, defiles the mind’s imagination, hardens the heart against God, and desensitizes all the sensibilities of the soul. It is nothing less than an eternal battle with an outcome of heaven or hell. From such things the Christian is to voluntarily, by an act of the will, back away and flee. Today, Satan is after your soul. Abstain from anything and everything that wages a battle for your heart and mind.

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