Friday, Sept 5, 2014

There will be no heirs. Wednesday, at the age of just 48, Andrew Madoff died after a long battle with cancer. His brother Mark killed himself at age 46 by hanging in 2010. Bernie Madoff, 76, is still alive, in prison, serving a 150 year term for swindling investors out of billions of dollars. Both brothers said they were not aware of the fraud and neither were ever formally charged. Former Madoff employees claim that the brothers knew what was going on and tried to hide the truth from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Now, the truth will likely never be known. Is there some kind of spiritual connection between these events?  Certainly Mark’s suicide can be traced to the fallout from his father’s thievery. Andrew? Perhaps he just had cancer like millions of other people.

Perhaps not. How uncanny that both died so young and untimely. My speculation goes back beyond the brothers having possibly inherited a curse from their father. I wonder what drove the elder Madoff to do what he did. Bernie is still alive, but spending the rest of his life in prison in infamy, having lost everything he might have held dear, a kind of slow death. If it could be known, there’s some kind of Madoff curse that goes back beyond Bernie. That’s how these things work. From my experience in spiritual warfare, and what I know about curses, someone in the Madoff bloodline, maybe way back, did something terrible. It may or may not have been stealing, but it was bad enough to reap a terrible toll on two very rich young men, and their families. With this dramatic example in mind of what curses can do, make sure that you, my blog reader, are doing all you can to break your curses. Read my book CURSE BREAKING. (To order CLICK HERE.) Call my office, 303-980-1511, and meet me for a Personal Spiritual Encounter as soon as you can in some city where I will be. Together, we can break any curses that may keep you in poverty, sickness, and suffering.

An encouraging word:  PASSING ON EVIL

When Israel transgressed against the Lord, the effect of their cursed conduct was far-reaching. The prophet Jeremiah said (Jer. 1:9) that God would bring “charges” against not only those who had disobeyed; the Lord also said “I will bring charges against your children’s children.” Some Christians who have a hard time accepting the idea of generational curses, need to read their Bibles again. The principle of suffering being passed on to successive generations of offspring is well-established in Scripture. Even Shakespeare said, in Julius Caesar, Act 3, “The evil that men do lives after them.”

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