Monday, September 7, 2015

 Is this book psychologically verifiable?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Last week I reported on recent psychiatric research that proves curses are embedded in DNA and can be passed from generation to generation. YOU MUST read PART #1 of this series before reading below. To read this previous blog of September 3, 2015, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

My previous blog about the scientific verifiability of generational curses is must reading before proceeding further. I reported on research in the new scientific field of epigenetics, the study of how one's DNA is affected by circumstances. Psychiatrists have discovered that severe trauma releases hormones called glucocorticoids which reduce the body's ability to handle stress. Thus, for example, a victim of childhood sexual abuse who doesn't receive counseling and spiritual healing may over-secrete these hormones which alter DNA, a modification which may be passed on to the children. The children could then suffer depression and various mental illness and concurrently be more vulnerable to sexual abuse themselves. And this mutated pattern could continue for many generations until the curse is spiritually broken and God supernaturally modifies the DNA.

According to Lee Bitsoi, PhD. Research Associate in Genetics at Harvard University, epigenetic changes may be linked to the "development of illnesses such as PTSD, depression, and type 2 diabetes." The findings of Bitsoi has been extended to high rates of addiction, suicide, and sexual violence. This Harvard researcher is saying exactly what I've declared in my book CURSE BREAKING. The evil that happens to one generation is transferable to the next. Demons know this and stalk the vulnerable, attacking them with various mental, emotional, and physical problems. And though science may come up with drugs to counter the effect of glucocorticoids, prayer to break curses is an important form of immediate intervention that must not be overlooked by Christians. My book CURSE BREAKING includes 25 pages of detailed curse-breaking prayers that confront hundreds of infirmities, psychological difficulties, and spiritual impediments. Critics of curse breaking need to be better informed before they pass harsh judgments on those of us who very day see the effects of generational curses, and also witness the power of Christ to cancel all the evil committed by bloodline ancestors.

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 An encouraging word:  DON'T BE TROUBLED
"Let your heart not be troubled," Jesus said in John 14:1. That so often seems hard to do, especially in our world where indecency is rampant and violence lurks around every corner. How can we not be troubled by beheadings in Syria and bombings in Boston? Read the next few verses. Jesus speaks of the place in heaven He has prepared for Christians. We can "not be troubled" because this world is not our final destination. Though we should be troubled by war, violence, and crime, that troubling should incite us to action to right such wrongs, knowing that some day it will all end and heaven will be our home.

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