Friday, June 6, 2014

He’s become known more for his bad behavior than his music, a male Miley Cyrus. Wild parties, strip clubs, smoking weed (and maybe more), temper tantrums, sexually alluring photos,  DUI arrests, erotic gestures on stage, arrogance, and now using the “N” word and talking about joining the KKK and killing black people. Okay, the latter comes from a video he did five years ago. He has issued the spin doctor requisite apology and supposedly has Will Smith and Usher on his side. This will probably blow over, but what’s really upsetting is this. He’s using the Bible and his supposed Christian faith to gloss it over. The Instagram post above was sent to his millions of followers, using Scripture as a grace cover for his stupidity. His mom, Pattie Mallette, claims to be a Christian and has even written a book about her and her boy, Nowhere but Up. In the book she describes constant sexual abuse as a child, starting at age three. She was date-raped at 14. She also used drugs, including LSD, shoplifted, and attempted suicide. In a mental ward she became a Christian, but fell into a sexual relationship and conceived Justin illegitimately. Bieber has been seen attending cool, seeker-friendly, hip churches in New York and Seattle in the midst of his outrageous escapades.


What is to be made of all this? First, I’m not judging the relationship with Christ he and his mother may or may not have. God alone knows. But behavior can certainly be judged, and the facts can be considered. From my perspective as an exorcist, Justin Bieber lives under an unbroken curse of illegitimacy. The churches he frequents deny such curses exist so he won’t get help there. His mother’s vulnerability to sexual abuse and suicide indicates a huge generational curse in her family bloodline. My heart goes out to both of them. They are only going to experience more and more dysfunction until someone with the knowledge of spiritual warfare steps in and takes action on their behalf.  Bieber can tweet and Instagram all the Bible verses he wants, but until he is delivered from the demons that torment his destiny, expect more erratic, bad boy behavior.

An encouraging word: JUDGING“Judge not,” says Matthew 7:1. This is one of the most misapplied Bible verses, and there isn’t space enough her to explain all that it really means. It doesn’t mean that any one, especially a Christian, gets a free ride for any kind of bad behavior. The warning of this scripture is that the person judging will be judged by the same standard that he judges. The emphasis IS NOT on avoiding all judging, but to not judge hypocritically and with malicious intent. In fact, Luke chapter six is instructive about judging the fruit of spirituality. Judgment that comes from legalism is destructive; judgment to reign in immorality can be appropriate and necessary.


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