Yesterday I reported on the Clergy Project, a web site dedicated to pastors who are phonies in the pulpit, preaching the gospel but privately acting as atheists. The march toward greater visibility for unbelief in our society has taken another step with the plan to establish a 1-800 hotline for those questioning their faith. It’s headed by a group that claims to help Christians get over their religion, as if those who turn their backs on God are like alcoholics or druggies in need of rehab. The purpose for the hotline is to “offer doubters an anonymous place to ask difficult questions and find communities of like-minded nonbelievers.”


The Recovering from Religion group is out to raise $30,000 to fund the hiring of 40 “counselors” to help talk people out of their faith. (If the organization applies to the IRS for tax-deductible status you can bet they won’t have to wait like Christian and patriot-Tea Party people have had to wait for approval.) The Recovering from Religion people would like us to know that they are performing a public service for those turning against God and thus risk alienating family. The phone counselors will offer an action plan to get out of church and connect with newfound atheist friends.


You’ve got to give the devil credit by being creative. He’s not slow to use whatever tools are available to promote his plans. Ironically the Apostle James (chapter 2, verse 19) reminds us, “You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe — and tremble!” Demons know there is a God and the thought terrifies them. Considering all the demons I’ve dealt with, I’ve encountered many who are deceived into thinking they will win in the end. But I’ve never met a demon who doubted or argued against the existence of God.  And it’s these same demons who are behind this new effort of the Recovering from Religion hotline to Hell.