Tuesday, January 7th, 2014   


Oskar Zepeda had 25 operations after being hit with a hand grenade in Afghanistan.

Isaiah 61, one of my favorite chapters in the Bible, speaks of bringing about “beauty for ashes,” or as we say in the vernacular, “turning lemons into lemonade.”  That’s what 29-year-old Oskar Zepeda is doing. Following nine tours of duty in Iraq and having 25 operations after being hit with a hand grenade, Zepeda is truly making something beautiful from the ashes of his life. He has volunteered to serve in a special group trained in computer forensics who operate with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) field office. His job? Taking the mindset of his military training to seek and destroy the enemy, he now goes after child predators. Zepeda, along with other wounded veterans, now fights child pornography. They analyze computer evidence to help determine if a child is in harm’s way and needs to be rescued.

This very brave group of ex-soldiers even goes on raids sometimes. One of Zepeda’s associates, a former Army soldier says, “I’m talking about young kids, 18-month olds, toddlers. This is some of the most horrible stuff I could conceive of imagining and I’m looking at it on a daily basis.” For the sake of our children, thank God that they are. Another of Zepeda’s compatriots observes, “My time got cut short in the service. I wanted to continue serving my country, and this was my way to do that.” I don’t know about you, but I get a lump in my throat thinking about what these courageous ex-service personnel are doing. Applying this principle to making beauty from ashes, I wonder why there aren’t more spiritual warfare soldiers, willing to track down the devil who is behind child abuse. That’s what our DWJD� (Do What Jesus Did) deliverance teams are all about. If you’re looking for a place to serve and hunt down the Enemy, join or start a team. Turn the ashes of abuse into beauty and set the captives free. Call today 303-980-1511 and find out how you can make a difference by doing what Jesus did.

An encouraging word:  SPEAK WELL OF OTHERS

Congress is getting back in session and already the rancor is starting. Each side seems to be positioning itself to take advantage at the expense of the other. Psalm 15:3 tells us that God will only bless the person who “has no slander on his tongue and who does his neighbor no wrong.” There aren’t many Senators or Representatives who can qualify. And it’s not just politics. Our culture seem to thrive on getting ahead at the expense of someone else. So, no matter what the way of the world is, remember that God honors one who, as verse three continues to say, “casts no slur on his fellowman.”

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