Monday, December 11, 2017
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Which is the photo of an evangelical preacher, and which a dead rap star?
(Hillsong pastor on the left, Lil Peep recently deceased rap artist on the right.)

I’ve had my say on this issue of tattoos many times in previous blogs: “Demonic Tattoos 12/14/15 (To read click here.) and “Cremation Tattoos 11/03/14 (To read click here.). My book “Curse Breaking” has a lengthy subject on this topic, pages 108-112. (To order click here.) What I’ve set forth there is clear and concise. Lest the reader think I’m a legalist, I state in the book that I’m not opposed to medical tattoos and leave open to conscience tattoos with biblical themes. I also pull no punches that tattooing may, in certain instances, give an opening to demonic curses, and I provide anecdotal evidence. Make no mistake, body inking has its root in pagan cultures and has long been associated with “mana” energy, the tattoo providing the portal of demonic entry.

What gives me cause for this blog is the recent comment of Carl Lentz, Hillsong pastor in New York, who publicly, and somewhat arrogantly, put down Christians who hold to an anti-tattoo position by saying that the biblical permissibility of tattoos is a “no brainer.” With questionable exegesis, he declared that it’s time to “die” to any theology opposing tattoos. I’m not here to pick a fight with Lentz, nor to discredit the good done by Hillsong. Philippians 1:18 admonishes us to rejoice wherever Christ is preached, whether with “false motives or true.” I am not judging Lentz, but neither do I appreciate being labeled among “brainless” believers for suggesting caution with tattoos. (For an additional perspective on tattoos go to:

Most tattoos aren’t artistic renderings of John 3:16 but rather witchcraft and pagan symbols, images of death and skulls, or dragons and mystical motifs. I have documented scores of case studies of instances when demonic possession was facilitated by tattoos. Such empirical evidence carries cautionary weight, and isn’t “brainless” but rather prudent. If tattooed Christians wish to look like a walking billboard for “L. A. Ink” they have the latitude to do it, but please don’t condescendingly lecture those of us who differ as if we were lacking in intellectual acuity. In the rush of cool Christian to attract the world, “Tattoo-you” (inside Stones reference) believers may run the risk of cultural compromises that are spiritually poisonous.

An encouraging word: GET GOD’S COUNSEL
I encourage many people to get counseling. They often need it after deliverance to further resolve issues raised during an exorcism. Often the counseling people receive before deliverance paves the way to a more successful time of ministry; this is true if the individual has already, by wise counsel, worked through painful times of trauma. But the most adept therapist or prudent counselor can’t match the wisdom of God. “The counsel of the Lord stands forever,” declares Psalm 33:11. The educated and experienced human mind can give good direction, but only what the Lord declares survives the test of time for eternity.


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