Friday, Dec 1, 2014

As I prepared today’s blog, I was adding a notice about our upcoming Personal One-On-One Encounter sessions in New York City. I wanted to include a picture of New York to draw attention to my being there. I simply googled “New York at Christmas.” The results? More than half the photos, like those above, included depictions of angels. Ill-defined angels at that. This made me stop and think of all the ways that popular culture has messed up the spiritual reality of angels. Unfortunately, most Christians have unwittingly bought into these errors. That’s one reason our International School of Exorcism� (To enroll CLICK HERE.) includes two out of the 30 Courses dedicated to studying the proper biblical view of angels.

Angels are important in spiritual warfare. That’s obvious from Scripture from the heralding of Christ’s birth (Luke chapter 2) to the final demise of the devil (Revelation 20:1-3). A few other topics covered in the exorcism school are: Angelic Armies, Angelic Activity, Angelic Order, Angelic Intelligence, and Angelic Emotions. I also explain in detail the hierarchy of angels, which includes: cherubim, seraphim, hosts, principalities, powers, thrones, dominions, might, and dominions. Even more importantly, I explain the things that angels may do when fighting the devil, including striking demons with torment and judgment, as well as being spiritual enforcers and “bodyguards.” The School of Exorcism section on angels is an important education in equipping Christians to do battle against the devil.

The Courses on angels also dispel misconceptions. For example, angels do blow trumpets (Rev. 8:13, 1 Corinthians 15:52, Matt 6:2) but there’s no reason to think that Gabriel is the one with this sole assignment. Most important, every appearance of angels in scripture is in masculine gender. There are no instances of female angels. Yet some Christians insist they have seen or talked with female angels, a phenomenon that is clearly associated with the occult and New Age. (Check out New Age web sites about angels and you’ll see what I mean.) Some false, female angels look downright sexy, slightly sanitized versions of succubi (demons that have sex with male humans). Clearly, a lot of solid Christian teaching is needed on the subject of angels, and the International School of Exorcism� is great place to start. ENROLL NOW BY CLICKING HERE.


An encouraging word:  FEELING FORGOTTEN BY GOD

“Will you forget me forever?” These words of David in Psalm 13:1 may be seen a bit pathetic or ill-advised. David is talking to God and wonders why the Almighty doesn’t seem to answers his prayers and seems far away. You can probably remember a time in your own life when you’ve “been there, done that,” just like David. On those occasions we must always remember than any sense of estrangement from God is due to feelings, not fact. When you want to tell God, “Hey, it’s me, down here. Do you remember me?” it’s probably because you’ve somehow moved away from the Lord, not vice versa. In a way, that’s not a bad cry of David. At least he wanted to be close to God and was bothered that he no longer had that same sense of nearness. The real problem is when you and I draw away from the Lord and no longer recognize that it has happened.


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