Thursday, October 3rd 2013




Ancient Roman curse etched on metal

Line drawing of the demon invoked
for the Roman curse

Curses are nothing new. They have been around for millennia. A recent National Geographic magazine article called “Curses, Foiled,” gives an example recently unearthed by archaeologist. Romans were especially interested in passing on maledictions, according to a newly translated 1600-year-old tablet. Back then, without smart-phones, iPads, or even notebooks, people etched their intents of evil on thin sheets of lead. The curse was then rolled and pierced with nails and thrown into a well. One example found in England depicts evil directed toward a veterinarian. Whatever the gripe was, we don’t know. Maybe the vet couldn’t cure a pet cat or a riding horse. The offense was serious enough to call on Hecate, queen of witches (also one of the main spirits of Halloween), depicted with a head-full of snakes. The curse wished that the animal doctor’s body, limbs, and entrails would “disintegrate, languish, and collapse.”

Nasty stuff coming from those Romans. While ministering to people afflicted with curses it’s common to find similar, and even more specific, venting of hatred. Demons admit to causing murder, rape, child abuse, excruciating physical suffering and mental torment leading to insanity, and suicide. A case I worked with recently involved a man who had a “curse of apostasy” from ancient clerics in his bloodline; men of God who fell from the faith in pursuit of sex and power. What the present-day individual, whom I prayed for, suffered was painful misery both physically and emotionally, all because an ancestor unleashed evil on future generations for selfish purposes.  If you do not yet have a copy of my latest book, CURSE BREAKING, (click here to order) It explains how curses are invoked and how they can be canceled. Who knows what iniquity lurks in your background befouling your life today? As a Christian, Satan can’t keep you out of heaven, but through curses he can make life here a living hell.


An encouraging word: DON’T BE AFRAID

The Psalmist said, “I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people who have set themselves against me all around” (Psalm 2:6).  Wow! That’s a lot. Not a handful or even a few dozen. Not hundreds but thousands. How could one not be afraid of THOUSANDS on every side, seeking harm and spiritual destruction? The next verse tells us, “Your blessing is on your people.” If even one, let alone thousands, wishes you evil for any reason, you have a heritage in Christ. Call upon His blessing to cancel every curse.


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