Thursday, May 14, 2015




You’ve likely seen the reports this week about the drastic decline of religion in America. The respected Pew Research Center has revealed some startling facts comparing spiritual faith today in America with spiritual conditions in 2007.

  • Atheists and agnostics have doubled their share of the religious marketplace.
  • The percent of people saying they are Christians has dropped 8%.
  • Of those who grew up Christian, 19% have left the fold.
  • The number of evangelicals is down 2%.
  • The “nones,” with no faith at all, are up 23% — more than Catholics.

There is no one answer for this loss of faith in America, but it is clear that the born-again community isn’t doing its job and is a diminishing influence. The Pew Research director concludes, “Overall, there are more than four former Christians for every convert to Christianity.” SHOCKING, is an understatement.

There’s now proof that all the hyper-prophetic-charismania, rocking worship bands, and Krispy Kremes with lattes in the lobby are not reversing this slow death of American Christianity. What to do about it? I recently held a weekend conference with my good friend Pastor Garrick Brown of Miracle Life International Church in Raleigh, NC. In just a couple of years Pastor Brown’s church has exploded. And guess what? It’s a deliverance church. Visiting that weekend was a pastor from the Congo, Apostle Alpha Lushima. In a short time, his congregation in Kinshasa has grown from a dozen people to over 7,000. How did he do it, in a third-world country? “Deliverance,” he told me. “No other churches were casting out demons and setting people free, so we did it and God blessed.”

Has the time come to put away metal power-cords and slick A/V presentations for the simple message of spiritual freedom from demonic slavery? If slick marketing and sophisticated sermons haven’t worked to stem the bleeding of members from the American church, spiritual warfare just might be a good biblical solution for what ails the USA Body of Christ!


An encouraging word:

Deliverance from every attack of Satan can be yours. Psalm 18:50 declares, “Great deliverance He gives to His king.” Though David was speaking of his escape from King Saul’s murderous intent, this promise applies to each of us. Under the New Covenant, every Christian is a king and priest unto the Lord. If the kings anointed in the Old Testament could count on “great deliverance,” how much more so those of us who live this side of Calvary. And there is an even greater promise in the last part of this verse. This great victory is also promised to your “descendants for evermore.” Start claiming this Word of the Lord now.

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