Tuesday, July 8, 2014


When was the last time you attended a movie and the audience stood and clapped at the end? Or you watched elderly men with tears in their eyes and their hands over their hearts as the credits rolled to “The Star Spangled Banner?” Okay, I saw the film this last weekend in Arizona, a fairly conservative state. Perhaps if I had seen the same movie in Rhode Island or Vermont, the cheers might have been jeers. But you gotta see this movie. It’s the liberal-progressive politicians’ worst nightmare well done, especially on the big screen. Plus, we took our whole family. Surprise, surprise, it’s a film the whole family can see. No it didn’t crack the top ten. As if proving the point of the movie, the decadence and loss of exceptionalism in our country, the top films were: “Transformers” (real intellectual stimulation), “Tammy” (don’t get me started on America’s obesity epidemic), “Deliver us from Evil” (a faux exorcism horror film), and it goes downhill from there.


Dinesh D’Souza, an East Indian immigrant, targets two problems with our current social and political climate: 1) The shaming of success as if those who get rich are somehow immoral, and 2) the lie that America is a selfish nation abusing world peace, when in fact we have fought, bled and spent billions of $ without a hint of conquest. Though Lionsgate Entertainment distributed the film, most of Hollywood is aghast at its message. Variety magazine, one of the film industry’s bibles, said that the movie reinforces the “darkest suspicions of its target audience.” Excuse me. Those folks standing and cheering weren’t mindless idiots, they were appreciative of the patriotism celebrated in the movie. Admittedly there have been some legal and personal struggles in D’Souza’s life. He alludes to this in the film. But his work, the movie, stands apart from this as a powerful rebuke to the far left in America, who care little about what the world would be like, in the movie’s byline, “if there were no America.”

An encouraging word: PRAY IN THE MORNINGWhat would the devil do to you if he had the chance? What if the grace of God, and His guardian angels, were withdrawn for but a moment? Have you ever considered what evil the powers of darkness would bring upon you? Perhaps knowing how risky our daily life can be is the reason the Psalmist (5:3) declared, “In the morning, O Lord . . . I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.” As I wrote these words, this morning, I paused to pray and do exactly what this verse suggests. Why don’t you do the same?


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