Monday, November 7, 2016

Demon god Shiva smoking marijuana.

By the time you read this, the verdict will be in on nine states that are currently voting to legalize either medical or recreational marijuana. Whatever the outcome (I’m writing this before the votes), the trend is clear. States where weed is totally legal, such as Washington, Oregon, and Colorado, are warning other states to think twice about joining their purple-hazed ranks. I’m here to warn everyone about the lethal spiritual consequences of making casual use of marijuana more acceptable. Day after day I confront demons that possess people because of pot. Before you cry “alarmist,” look at the facts. In Hinduism, marijuana (ganga) has been used to worship the demon of death and destruction, for thousands of years. I have confronted possessed people who’ve never practiced eastern religions but got Shiva and other Hindu demons, like Kali/Jezebel, by toking a joint. Chinese Taoism has long believed that inhaling marijuana is a way to communicate with spirits and tell fortunes. In pagan, Norse Odinism, pot has been used to invoke Freya (another form of Jezebel), a demon I often deal with when ministering to those of Scandinavian descent. Pot was important to Celtic Druids when practicing witchcraft. Tantric Buddhism employs pot as well as some Sikhism.

There is much which could be said about the practical dangers of pot. It affects most those living in low-income and minority communities. Science shows it lowers IQs in adolescents by several points. It increases risks for schizophrenic and psychotic breaks. I can testify to this mental health danger after counseling hundreds who’ve been mentally damaged by believing the lie that weed can’t hurt you. (Mental breakdowns may also increase susceptibility to demons.) And the pot today is roughly six times stronger than that smoked by the hippies on Haight street. Where pot is already legal, marijuana traffic deaths have doubled in Washington and risen by a third in Colorado.

Want to face challenges in passing drugs test to find a job? Want to risk your brain and your body? Want to increase your chances for a vehicular fatality? Want to join the one in six who become addicted and move on to hard drugs? Want to open the doors to demons and all kinds of demonic deception? Then, light up and zone out. You’ve just willingly opened the door to the devil and bought a one-way ticket to an eventual mental and emotional hell!

An encouraging word: SOWING DISCORD IS EVIL.
Proverbs chaptAer six lists the seven things God hates most, beginning in verse 16. Living without being in bondage to this list is a path to success in life. Included in this list of infamy are pride, lying, murder, a wicked heart, hurry to do evil, a false witness, and one who sows discord among brethren. Murder seems a likely candidate, but sowing discord? Many who would never kill, destroy with their tongues by speaking things which turn Christians against one another. Examine your heart today to see if you have committed one or more of these evil. Begin now to right the wrong, especially if you have caused strife in the Body of Christ.

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