Monday, October 2, 2017
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Latest issue of National Geographic magazine.

I’ve been reading “National Geographic” magazine since I was a kid. I’ve put up with the unrelenting journalistic bowing to the evolutionary hypothesis and constant pontifical posturing on the evils of humans causing global warming. Most articles are well-written and the photos of our physical world are spectacular. But a recent addition caught my attention for hammering away at the supposition that beating America’s addiction epidemic is a matter of science conquering the “disease” of addiction.

The issue makes a good point: “Addiction causes hundreds of changes in brain anatomy, chemistry, and cell-to-cell signaling, including in the gaps between neurons called synapses, which are the molecular machinery for learning. By taking advantage of the brain’s marvelous plasticity, addiction remolds neural circuits to assign supreme value to cocaine or heroin or gin, at the expenses of interests such as health, work, family or life itself.”

I see this truth almost every day. Many who schedule Personal Spiritual Encounters with me are struggling with addictions, or they bring a friend who is. In addition to the ravages done by drugs, ably described by Nat Geo above, those who see me wonder if there are also demons at work. There often is. All that brain rewiring described above makes it easy for demons to invade the mind. Sometimes demons drive a person to addiction, but more often the addiction is a doorway to demons. Sometimes that demon actually goes by the name, Addiction. But my beef with Nat Geo is the claim that addiction is a disease. Certainly, what addiction does to the body and mind may become a disease, but it’s the only “disease” you get from a voluntary moral choice. For example, our family doesn’t drink alcohol. None. Our chances of getting the “disease” of alcoholism? Zero. None of us smoke weed, abuse opioids, or inhale cocaine. Our risk of having an addiction “disease” from one of these drugs? Zero.

And because we won’t get an addiction “disease,” we aren’t going to get the demons that come with it. We’re not a perfect family but suffering an addled brain with damaged neural circuits is something we won’t face. And we won’t get the demons that come with addiction. If you weren’t raised in a healthy home, or you veered into sin unwisely and now are addicted, our Personal Encounter sessions offer hope. We’ve seen people delivered from every drug demon that’s out there. If you or someone you love is plagued by addiction, know this. You’ll never beat the “disease” of addiction without deliverance, if the cause or result of your addiction is a demon.


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An encouraging word: DISPELLING DOUBT
A new atheist effort with a web site called boasts, “Have you found doubt as your personal Lord and Savior?” Members pledge to infiltrate churches and fake being saved, even speaking in tongues. Their aim is to “bow the knee to the rule of rationality.” It’s sick, and it’s sad, but it’s also to be expected. Doubt isn’t evil. Thomas had it, but one touch of the nail-scarred hand of Christ dispelled his unbelief (John 20:27). While others mock Jesus, reach out and touch Him, and in His presence all your doubts will be dispelled.


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