Monday, August 29, 2016


Billy Ray Cyrus and daughter Miley.

I’m not a fan of Billy Ray Cyrus. And I definitely don’t consider his early 90s song “Achy Breaky Heart” on my best-listening list. But I’ve wondered why such a relatively talented guy with multiple abilities has always seemed on the edge of disaster. Rumored infidelities regarding his wife. The moral abominations of his daughter Miley. How could such a good-looking family with numerous opportunities for stardom, always be on the verge of implosion? This week, sitting in an airport, reading “USA Today” I found my answer in an inside cover story about Cyrus. His bloodline is Cherokee Indian.

From my experience as an exorcist, out of all the native American tribes, the worst curses of witchcraft come from the Cherokee.Now, before anyone cries, “Racist,” a bit of history. In 1830, the American government, acting on behalf of powerful interests who wanted to mine gold on Cherokee land, passed the Indian Removal Act. Several tribes, notably the Cherokee, were moved from the southeastern part of the U. S, where they lived, to designated areas west of the Mississippi. They were forced to march, on foot, hundreds of miles. Of approximately 16,000+ who were relocated, as many as 6,000 or more died on the way under brutal conditions. (Other so-called “civilized” tribes were also removed, including Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muskogee, and Seminole.) Dispossessed of their lands, the Cherokee set the stage for other tribes who were forced into similar “death marches.” Violence, disease, weather, and starvation took a genocidal toll.

So what has this to do with Billy Ray? I have ministered to many hundreds of people who have Cherokee generational blood. Such an identity almost always leads to serious spiritual oppression, even demonic possession. Why? Here is what I’ve discovered in countless exorcisms. Many Cherokee were so angered by their treatment that they put powerful witchcraft curses on their white overlords. Those curses, in turn, boomeranged right back on the Cherokee in a vicious cycles of evil on their descendants. If you or anyone you know has Cherokee heritage, they are badly in need of serious curse breaking. (To get my book CURSE BREAKING, CLICK HERE.) Don’t allow any Cherokee curse in your past to become a spiritual “wrecking ball” (inside pop-music reference) to achy break your spiritual heart.

An encouraging word: LET CHRIST PRUNE YOU
In that wonderful account of Christ’s words in John 15, where He speaks of our relationship to Him as that of a vine and branches, the Lord makes a stunning statement. Jesus speaks of His Father and warns, “Every branch that bears fruit He prunes” (John 15:2). Christ is referring to good Christians. Dedicated Christians. Those who are actually bearing spiritual fruit. And the Lord declares that these are the ones whom God in Heaven “prunes.” If today you are feeling a little “pruned,” as if the Lord is testing you in some way, rejoice. God is preparing you for great things and even more fruit for His glory.

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