Thursday, Oct 30, 2014

The scandal has been front page, entertainment news. Stephen Collins, former star of the family-friendly show “7th Heaven,” in which he played a minister, has been accused in court of “a long pattern of sexually abusing minor children.” Collins apparently lived a double life, approachable nice guy on and off screen, but a pedophile in private. His wife of 27 years, Faye Frant, and his daughter Katherine, 25, have blown his cover. With his long, lucrative career over, Hollywood observers are left wondering what happens next. Could this horror story be true? One thing I noticed in checking out this tragedy. In all the family photos I saw that Collins’ daughter consistently appears unsmiling and sullen. Perhaps she was just caught by the camera at a bad moment. Perhaps she too has been a victim.

From my experience as a counselor and exorcist, often dealing with the sordid side of life, I’m not surprised. That someone held in such high regard, and who played such a moral role on-sceen, would end up this way serves Satan well. In fact, Collins was a lay minister in his church, increasing his chances that the devil would want to destroy him. This all likely happoened, based on my experience, because he was abused as a child and so were other male ancestors in his bloodline. That’s how these things happen. My prayers go out to him and all his victims, but my warning is that anyone, male or female, violated in their youth desperately needs deliverance, and serious counseling and therapy. If that person is you, please call to arrange for a personal Encounter with me as soon as possible. I’m not suggesting that you will necessarily become a child abuser; but the violation you’ve experienced could lead to severe personal problems without healing and spiritual freedom. It’s not a risk you want to take, assuming that the past will somehow fade way without spiritually therapeutic intervention.


An encouraging word:  BEWARE LEST YOU FALL

Paul issues a stern warning in 2 Peter 3:17: Beware lest ye also . . . fall from your own stedfastness. Sobering words. No Christian ever reaches a place of total, sinless perfection. No pastor, no preacher, no Pope.  Our walk with the Lord must always grow closer every day. We should not feel insecure or paranoid that failure lurks around every corner, but we need to “beware” that Satan is more subtle and devious than we can imagine. In the next verse 18, Paul gives us the solution to not falling: grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

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