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Obama Carries Curses (1-18-16)

  Monday, January 18, 2016        Obama has Hindu god Hanuman in his pocket!       Close up of demon face of Hanuman! Disclaimer. This is not an apologetic for the Republican party. I’m not telling you who to vote for, … Continue reading

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Curse Breaking for Adults Only (1-11-16)

  Monday, January 11, 2016   The age of majority, 18 in most countries, is the threshold of adulthood as it is conceptualized (and recognized or declared) in law. It is the chronological moment when minors cease to legally be … Continue reading

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Star Wars deception! (1-4-2016)

  Monday, January 4, 2016   Scenes from “The Force Awakens.”   No, I haven’t seen the movie yet. Yes, I’ve seen the others, including the boring prequels. Will I see it? Perhaps, if I’m ever really bored with nothing … Continue reading

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