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Lab-built body parts are on the rise because organ donors are in short supply. Plus drugs aren’t needed to avoid rejection of a body part implant, if the stem cells are taken from the recipient’s own body. Next on the … Continue reading

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Golf great Tiger Woods is back as the world’s #1 on the course. There he is in the latest ad, knees bent, putter in right hand, studying his next move. His eyes intently survey the green.  Bold letters centered on … Continue reading

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HEINOUS LIES (3/15/2013)

I do my best to stay informed on any variety of issues. Politics, social trends, and of course, religion. I want to know what the devil is doing. Not just with individual lives, but across the entire cultural spectrum. That’s … Continue reading

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TEEN LINGERIE (3/14/2013)

I  wasn’t aware of it, even though I have two teens in my household; but, due to our Christian values, they obviously wouldn’t be affected by the trend in question. It took a news article in a national newspaper to … Continue reading

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  I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. American entrepreneurial enthusiasm knows no bounds, especially if a buck can be made. The newest development on the web is so-called “real-world-sex.” Not porn by some film factory in Hollywood, … Continue reading

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