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Ministry Update!

Worst fighting in more than a year!
New outbreak of violence.

Scenes from capital of Ukraine, Kiev, yesterday. I was at the airport passing through.

CNN REPORT YESTERDAY FROM UKRAINE CAPTIAL: Protesters threw a grenade at police. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said at least 90 people were injured, four in critical condition, and one police officer died.

Some say this is the excuse that Russia is looking for to further invade Ukraine. I am not far from where the worst fighting erupted the last few days. Local sources tell me there are 50,000 Russian troops inside Ukraine preparing for a full-scale war; 50 churches associated with our ministry have been recently shut down in Russian occupied territory. They now worship underground, just like in the old Soviet Union. When I flew here on Sunday I had no idea this is what I’d be facing. Things in Ukraine have been relatively quiet for a while.

Our School of Exorcism goes on. Students from many nations are listening with intense attention. Today when I was introduced, the School organizer said, “Pastor Bob, there are many students here who came to your other two schools.  They have set up deliverance centers all over Russia and Eastern Europe to minister exactly like you do.

We must not back down, even in times like this. Thanks for your prayers. And thanks for your financial support. I’ve already told you that we’re in a very desperate situation with our credit cards. Please respond today with the largest gift you can.

I’ll keep you posted on what is happening.


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