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My latest book JEZEBEL – Defeating your #1 Enemy hits the bookstores in five weeks. BUT ADVANCE COPIES ARE IN OUR OFFICE NOW! IF YOU ORDER TODAY I’ll send the book to you IMMEDIATELY. (TO ORDER CLICK HERE.)


Jezebel is a conniving, controlling, manipulative evil spirit on assignment from Hell to destroy you and those you love! Learn how to fight back — AND WIN!

Jezebel is in pornography, witchcraft, New Age occultism, child abuse, incest, even evil movements like Islamic Jihadism & ISIS/ISIL. Jezebel is everywhere!!!

Discover how to identify Jezebel and how to cast her into a “bed of suffering.” There is no more important book besides the Bible that you need to read in these perilous times.


For friends of our Blog, I’m making JEZEBEL available as a pre-release special for just $15 including shipping. I encourage you to get 4 copies for $50.

Doing What Jesus Did, Pastor Bob Larson

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