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Welcome to Bob Larson's Spiritual Freedom Church


We face an immediate financial crisis which was totally unanticipated. Last week, giving to our ministry plunged nearly 80% from where it had been for many weeks.

Why? Perhaps there is a sense of uncertainty over what’s going on in the world, like the bombings in Syria and the terrorist beheadings. Some have the impression that Jesus is coming so soon that there’s no reason to care.

For months I have given you weekly praise reports of spiritual victories. I’d rather do that than wave a red flag. But another week like this will put our ministry in serious jeopardy.

We operate marginally. We have no savings or investment funds. No churches take special offering for us. That’s not how we want it, but that’s a reality because we speak unpopular truths about demons and the devil.

Please, let me go back to telling you about the amazing things the Lord is doing to set people free. Let this the last urgent notice I must give. Your generous tithe or offering this week will turn things around quickly. Thank you so much for hearing this desperate plea.

Doing What Jesus Did, Pastor Bob Larson

P. S. I recently found a stock of the special, hardbound edition of my 575-page book of WORLD RELIGIONS & CULTS. It’s a collector’s item. I’ll send a personally autographed copy to you for your gift of $50 or more to help get us back on track.