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Are demons fallen angels?
The supernatural realm is a topic of much speculation, particularly with regards to the origin of evil spirits and their activity among human. Who were the Nephilim? Did the giants of the Bible pass on DNA to humans today? Did fallen angels mate with humans? Are there beings not birthed by Adam and Eve?

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One of our blogs last week had a mistake. It listed our Chicago seminar for Friday night instead of Saturday. I caught the mistake and emailed corrections. Not everyone saw these corrections.

Friday, I spent the day in ministry with one-on-one Personal Spiritual Encounters. By evening I was exhausted and went to the hotel lobby for a snack. “Pastor Bob,” someone called out. It was five young people who had just driven 13 hours to see me. I told them that they were there on the wrong night. Imagine how they felt after their long journey.

I offered to buy them a cup of coffee, and we chatted for a few moments. They were desperate for deliverance. The leader of the group, Gwen, poured out her heart. Her drug-addict parents had abandoned her. As a child she was repeatedly raped and molested. I was so touched by her story that I invited the whole group to my room. Within minutes I was casting out demons. Gwen was set free from a nasty spirit of Jezebel.

If I had not gone down for a snack. If Gwen and the others had not been in the hotel lobby at that precise moment. If I had not invited them for coffee. If, if, if . . . We made a mistake. But our mistake led me to Gwen. God’s timing is perfect. There are no mistakes with God.

If you are a friend and supporter of this ministry, it’s no mistake. God has called you to stand with us to heal the brokenhearted. Your tithes and offerings this week are crucial to the freedom of those like Gwen. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord.

If you don’t need an Encounter, give so that others can receive help.

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